So many times we hear “I’m going to wait until after the first of the year to put my house (back) on the market” when speaking to sellers or potential sellers, yet honestly, this may not be the best tactic in San Diego.  Here are 10 reasons why selling your home during the holidays is a good idea.

10. Your home looks and smells good during the holidays. Traditionally this is a time when you turn on all the lights, light a fire in the fireplace, put up a fresh smelling tree, and add a little holiday sparkle. The smell of cinnamon and baking cookies is quite alluring as buyers spend their time envisioning their own happy times in the house instead of looking for reasons not to buy your house.


9. Buyers have more time to look for a home during the Holidays than they do during a work week. Many people take time off and have more flexibility during this time to look at homes. With it dark earlier, every extra hour to show your home matters. Additionally, many people travel here to be with family or even on vacation, bringing a larger buyer pool to our market.


8. Emotion make you act, logic makes you think.  Buyers are more emotional during the Holidays, so they are more likely to pay make an offer and pay your price.


7. Many buyers want to “move around the first of the year” that means they need to buy now. In San Diego right now the typical escrow lasts about 30 days. In this seller’s market we can structure the escrow to suit your needs.


6. Less competition for your home. Since the supply of listings will naturally increase in January, there will be less demand for your particular home. Less demand means more money for you. Sell your San Diego home faster for more money.


5. Some people must buy before the end of the year for tax reasons. In fact the uncertainty in the tax code and pending tax reform, has some people taking action now.


4. Interest rates are expected to rise in December which will cause “fence sitters” to buy now.


3. Even though your home will be on the market, we can restrict showings to times that will be convenient for you around your holiday schedule.


2. If you are travelling out of town, we can make your house even more available for showing.


And the number one reason why you should list during the Holidays …


1. People who look for homes during the Holidays are more serious buyers! There are 3 kinds of buyers:

  • those who must buy a home: they have a new job, relocation, or have sold their home. In fact they’ll soon be homeless;

  • Those who want to buy a home and are preapproved and looking

  • Those who will buy a home when the right one comes along


During the holidays we have REAL buyers of the first two types in the market, and with inventory so short (less than 2 months) in San Diego, most buyers in the market today are REAL and MOTIVATED buyers.


To find out what your home could sell for today and to create personalized holiday marketing plan that works for you:

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